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Breathe life into a minifigure

      Since its inception, Twisted Bricks has relied on enthusiastic voice actors to bring its universe to life. Over the years we've been happy to welcome new voice actors into our LEGO stop motion world, as well as foster ongoing growth and development with those who have been with us since the beginning.

      Our last feature film "Grey Horizons" was a tremendous feat of voice acting and character expression. Our current sequel project, "The Hunger of Slag", is far more ambitious. We are introducing a wide range of new and unique characters, and we are eager to connect with amateur or experienced actors who are passionate about creative and unusual projects such as this one. 

      If this project interests you, check out the list of characters below! You can audition in person by clicking "Schedule NOW" above or submit a virtual audition. While in-person auditions are limited to the Fargo/Moorhead area, you can submit a virtual audition request by emailing and sharing which characters interest you. We will give you several pages of dialogue that you can use to submit your own takes.

     We look forward to connecting with you, on this project and potentially many projects to come!

Character List


Archangel Fuches

Heavy, low voice. Doesn't listen well, prefers to blast heavy EDM through his helmet. Not the brightest bulb, but he fights without fear.

(new characters only)


Archangel Michael

Commander of the Archangel team. A true believer in the faith and the cause. Obey the law, worship the savior, and kill all aliens.


Archangel Blaise

The youngest of the team, and a bit of a hothead. Has a slight problem with authority, with the exception of his team leaders. 


Archangel Krieg

The cynical sergeant. Gruff, tough, and on the older side. Has seen enough combat to know what risks aren't worth taking.

Archangel Zarate

Charming, wise-cracking bookworm of middle-eastern origins. Well read, his habit of quoting obscure poetry is more tolerated than enjoyed by his squad members.

Archangel Harlie

Not one to be trifled with, Harlie is the team's special weapons operator. She is not afraid to improvise creative new ways to eliminate aliens.

The Apostles



The first of the Apostles, Purean maintains devout faith in the savior and his mission to protect humanity. He wields a broadsword and possesses powerful psychic abilities.



One of the younger Apostles (only a couple hundred years old), Sibrii wields dual short swords and is among the most agile of the legendary protectors. 



Despite his flashy appearance, Umal's powers of invisibility and destruction make him a formidable Apostle that is easy to overlook. While not as faithful as his fellow anima, he serves the cause justly.

Additional Roles

Mason, civilian survivor
Ridley, "crazy" Archangel
Admiral Reyes
Ship Captain
Private Barber
Environmental Analyst
Sergeant Feen
Apostle Caritan
Apostle Curean
Fred, civilian survivor
Corporal Bowman
Channeler Faith
Private Garcia
Professor Lassonde
Soldier 4
Ari, young male survivor
Instructor Bowman
Instructor Mullenax
Kieth, civilian survivor
Ship A.I.
Soldier 2
Soldier 3


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