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     Welcome to Slagology, the study of slagic anatomy, physiology, and forms. For a more in-depth study of slag please refer to the Guidebook here

     Classified as Boletus mortiferum, slag is a fungus-like organism that feeds on organic mass and human consciousness. It is the goal of the Keonic Division of Slagology to learn as much as possible about slag in order to find the most efficient ways of exterminating it. It is from this goal we derive our motto, Conscio Exterminatio, "Informed Extermination."

     In essence, "Slag" refers to the amalgamation of all slagic organisms, as it appears that they all share a singular hive mind. Slag is highly psychic, and has been proven to generate potent psychic fields of energy in which humans may suffer mental anguish and hallucinations. These "S-Fields" also disrupt electronic systems, which greatly complicates combat strategies.

     Though smaller slagic entities can be destroyed with conventional missiles and explosives, this strategy becomes ineffective against massive slagic entities such as "Mammoths". Specimens of this size produce S-fields that are so concentrated and powerful they detonate explosives well before they come within damaging range. Nuclear options have been explored, but after devastatingly unsuccessful attempts this strategy has been abandoned.

Above: a slag "Clod" with a large number of smaller neuronic cores.

Below: a platoon of Unum Vires soldiers engaged in combat with a Mammoth cluster. Though faintly seen in the distance, each mammoth may range up to a mile in diameter.


Conscio exterminatio

     The current protocol regarding the termination of Mammoth clusters is to destroy their primary nores (neuronic cores) using channeler-generated piercer blasts, then destroy the weakened remains with aerial bombardment. This has proven to be the most effective method.

Fan-made Slag Designs

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