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Vyldain Archelon

Channeler, mentor to Troy.


Prior to his corruption, Vyldain was a channeler who had been trained by the elder channeler Korin Ry'Vane. However, the mentorship with Korin was split on unpleasant terms when they began to disagree about what was safe to explore in the astral realm. Vyldain left and took on an apprentice of his own, Troy.

One source of disagreement between Korin and Vyldain was an object called a Streaming Glass. Korin argued that its use was irresponsible, while Vyldain believed in its power. Vyldain allowed his apprentice Troy to use the Stream Glass, with disastrous results.


Following Troy's mysterious corruption, Vyldain let his guard down and was corrupted in turn. The combination of a channeler and slag proved to be a match made in hell, unlocking near limitless possibilities for the corruption and perversion of organisms. He was ultimately defeated by Kevin and Korin, but he killed Chief Thorson in the process.

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