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Thomas Gatner (The General)

TCF General, authority figure at base Delta


Mentor to Jenny, The General started his military career as a young man fighting in the great Megibloc war. His heroic actions in the war became widely known, and it wasn't long before he moved up the ranks. By the time he was 35, he was offered a position managing a top-secret underground base operated by the Terror Counter Force (TCF). He oversaw many experiments and missions carried out by the base (base Delta) until the base was compromised during the outbreak.

General Gatner, believed dead after the compromise of base Delta, woke up to find that Jenny and the other survivors had left. He had been knocked unconscious and buried under some rubble, which kept him hidden from zombies but also from fellow soldiers. Upon gathering supplies, he set out to find and join the survivors using Jenny's GPS tracking chip. He undertook an incredible mission that involved hijacking an alien spacecraft and killing a large number of mutations, but that's a story for another time.


After getting sent to 1276, Gatner adapted well to the village life. While most of the crew joined Chief Thorson on his quest to end the current plague, Gatner stayed with Kevin in Odinshage to protect it. He died defending it against Lord Drepson and the Iron Skulls.

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