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Reyna Slohen

Queen of Galidon


Reyna, like Chief Thorson, was thrust into leadership by the death of her Father, Randolf Slohen, and her brother, Connor Slohen. Their death came at the darkest of times; severe food shortages (largely due to the war against Blocktir) forced the kingdom to send hunting parties into the Frightened Forest.

Reyna joined her father and brother into the forest, but she was the only one to return. Claiming only to remember "a faint blue light", Reyna had no choice but to take the role of Queen. Her reign was rejected by many; it was suspected that she had killed her family out of a lust for power.


Reyna's guilt eventually drove her back into the Frightened Forest with the hope of learning what had previously happened to her family. She forced Chief Thorson's cohort to accompany her into the forest, and fully teamed up with them once her own soldiers had been killed. After defeating Vyldain, she married Drake Slade and ruled Galidon for many years.

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